The city by the bay, now the first to offer training in light sabers.

FOX’s Rich Denison reports:

Whether you lean politically with the rebellion, or have some Sith sympathies, there’s now a way to hone your lightsaber skills.

LudoSport, which launched competitive lightsaber training academies in Italy 10 years ago, has now expanded its reach to a city far far away… San Francisco.

The training lightsabers use light-emitting flexible polycarbonate instead of plasma, but they weigh, sound and look like the standard Star Wars armament. You begin as a Padawan, learning offense, defense and balance…

LudoSport also hosts light saber competitions, but as history has shown, don’t challenge your father to a duel.

(Darth Vader) “Your skills are complete.”

Rich Denison, FOX News.