Take a look behind the scenes with the photographer of a music sensation simply known as "The Band".

FOX's Laura Ingle has the details in "Bonus Track":

One of Rock & Roll's most iconic bands was the group simply titled The Band:

(Landy) "When I knew them, it was pure brotherhood in the best sense of it."

That's photographer Elliott Landy, the man who members of The Band trusted most with a camera inside their private world, documenting the time period when they made their first two albums:

(Ingle) "How many photos did you have during this time?

(Landy) "We went through 12,000 photographs."

Half of the 200 photos that made it into his book, "The Band Photographs: 1968-1969" have never been published. 

Landy thumbed through some of the pages with me inside his Woodstock studio:

(Ingle) "What was that like to be in the room?"

(Landy) "You know for me, when I'm photographing, I'm kind of not there."

And it's that fly on the wall feel, which Landy says he hopes will stay with people who pick up his book:

(Landy) "When they made music, all they wanted to do is that music to come out right. So that's what I hope they'll take away from this, is peace and love."

I'm Laura Ingle and that's your "Bonus Track."

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