Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Teaser Trailer: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

This trailer for the fifth installment of the swashbuckling pirate franchise reveals a new villain.  A ghastly looking fellow with black ooze seeping from his mouth, who delivers an ominous message for the rum swigging Captain Jack Sparrow. The movie sails into theaters May 2017.

And, this promo is generating some buzz…

“‘Beat It’ (Season 3 Trailer) | Lip Sync Battle Returns Wednesday, October 12th.”

This promo for the popular TV show features LL Cool J and model Chrissy Teigen re-creating the classic Michael Jackson music video, featuring a slew of celebrities including Sir Ben Kingsley, Jay Leno and America Ferrera, just to name a few.

Speaking of classics…

“Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition Features Trailer.”

Get ready to time warp back to 1985. A miniature version of the classic gaming console is returning, complete with that boxy, gray controller and pre-loaded with 30 games. The retro gaming gadget hits stores in November.

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