Schools Integrating Technology Across Classrooms Around the Country

    Classrooms across America seem to be using more and more technology, from laptops for the kids to apps where teachers can post field trip photos in real time. So is that changing the way kids learn?

    FOX’s Lisa Brady reports:

    When my daughter’s fifth grade teacher requested ear buds for each student, it hit me, just how much technology’s being used:

    (Barkley) “They grew up with it, you know they’ve never been in a world where the internet didn’t exist. And so it’s important that we not just embrace it but understand that they’re tools in learning.”

    Warren Barkley is CTO of SMART Technologies, which makes products for education, business and government use.

    He believes technology can also help students grow socially and emotionally:

    (Barkley) “Rarely in the real world do people sit in a box and do their work, you know they work with other people to do that, and at schools we really need to push that as well.”

    There’s research on kids learning better when they do projects in groups. But more testing is also being done on computers and some students don’t do as well with that.

    Barkley says technology can help spot those classroom trends:

    (Barkley) “We need to get away from thinking that each kid is exactly the same and we need to teach them the same way.”

    It’s also easier than ever to reach out to your child’s teacher and he urges parents to be involved.

    With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

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