Kim Kardashian West Robbed in Paris

Reality star Kim Kardashian West held up at gunpoint Sunday in Paris.

Details from FOX’s John Saucier:

A Kardashian spokesperson and French authorities confirming that five armed men dressed as police officers barged into the private residence of Kim Kardashian West late on Sunday and held her at gun point.

According to Reuters, they fled with millions of dollars worth of jewelery. The reality mega star was unhurt, but very badly shaken, according to her spokesperson.

Her husband, Kanye West was performing at the Meadows Concert Festival in New York City at the time, and stopped the show when he heard the news.

Kardashian is in Paris for fashion week, and has already had a tough go of it there. Earlier, she was ambushed by a man infamous for stalking celebrities. He tried to assault her as she was walking into a restaurant.

John Saucier, FOX News.