Selfies in the Voting Booth? Not So Fast

Some voters may need to think twice before snapping that selfie in the voting booth this November.

FOX’s Eric Shawn reports:

Selfies in the voting booth, were at the center of a federal case. A New Hampshire law that bans selfies was struck down by a federal appeals court.

In the 19th century, the secret ballot was meant to stop vote buying, coercion and intimidation. Now 26 states ban some form of photos, including selfies. And New Hampshire secretary of state William Gardner says it should stay that way:

(Gardner) “It’s part of what a lot of people fought and died for. The right to have a free and independent vote and not to be fearful of being able to vote that way.”

But the judges rule that selfies have no effect on vote buying, but the state may appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

In New York, Eric Shawn, FOX News.

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