At least one person has been killed and more than 100 people are hurt after a commuter train crash in Hoboken, New Jersey.

FOX's Tonya J. Powers has the story:

It was supposed to be slowing down, but passengers on board the New Jersey Transit train that crashed in Hoboken this morning say that didn't happen:

(Lee) "The train was accelerating when it should have been slowing down. It was crazy. I think I'm in a little bit of shock."

That's FOX News Radio editor Kathleen Lee, who was on the last car of the train:

(Lee) "We all just went flying off our seats, it was a pretty packed train."

She was not hurt, but described the scene:

(Lee) "Screaming, commotion, sirens starting, people running and there was some crying as I looked up toward the front of the station."

An investigation team from the National Transportation Safety Board is looking for the case of the crash.

In New York City, Tonya J. Powers, FOX News.

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