National Coffee Day: Don’t Forget to Get Your Free Coffee

    More reasons to celebrate national coffee day.

    FOX’s Lilian Woo reports: 

    There are several ways to get a deal on your coffee fix today. Participating Krispy Cremes are not just giving away a free cup of java, visitors will also get a glazed donut on the house.

    To get a freebie at Gloria Jean’s coffee, visit between 2 and 5 pm and a white chocolate cookie chiller or small cup of regular can be yours.

    Free hot or iced coffees in any size or flavor at Stewart’s from noon until closing. Dunkin Donuts is selling medium cups for 66 cents.

    No freebie at Starbucks, but the company will donate a coffee tree for every cup of brewed Mexico Chiapas cup of coffee in the U.S. or Mexico.

    And some McDonald’s are donating McCafé drip coffee proceeds to Covenant House shelter.

    Lilian Woo, FOX News.

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