A popular international music tour, of sorts, is back in Boston.

FOX's Lillian Woo reports:

The visuals on the instruments are by local artists from all over Boston. The music, D-I-Y.

Sixty pianos have been rolled out across the city showcasing work from different artists, but all sharing the same message: Play me I'm yours.

For painter Sorin Bica...

(Sorin Bica) "It's a different type of canvas basically".

The piano he's painted waiting to be played inside Fanueil Hall.

There's also one at a gate to Fenway Park, another in a bakery in Brighton until October 10th, part of a project that has reached more than four-million people around the world.

Whether you're just tinkering around or more advanced...

All players are welcome.

Lillian Woo, Fox News.