Former Israeli statesman Shimon Peres has died at age 93.

FOX's Jessica Golloher reports from Jerusalem:

Former Israeli president Shimon Peres was a Nobel Prize winning, polarizing figure here.

This Tel Aviv resident says the elder statesman cannot be forgotten.

(Tel Aviv resident) "He united the people in Israel, Arabs, Jews, Christians, everything."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas described Peres as a partner in peace.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas, however praised Peres' passing saying he was the last remaining Israeli official who founded the occupation.

Peres will be lying in state at the Israeli Knesset, otherwise known as Parliament, on Thursday. Flags are already at half staff.

Security is tight ahead of the viewing and Friday's funeral. There has been an uptick in violence here between Israelis and Palestinians.

In Jerusalem, Jessica Golloher, FOX News.