A Pennsylvania hospital is being sued for firing several employees who refused to get flu shots.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports: 

For the past three years Saint Vincent Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania, has required employees to get a flu shot, unless...

They have grounds for a medical or religious exemption and there have been exemptions granted since the policy took effect, but six employees, say they were fired for refusing to get flu shots because of their religious beliefs.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filing a lawsuit last week, accusing the hospital of religious discrimination.

On behalf of plaintiffs from a variety of Christian faiths, including Russian Orthodox, Methodist, Independent Fundamentalist Baptist and Christian Mysticism. The hospital reportedly claiming the employees failed to provide proof of religious doctrine.

Lisa Brady, FOX News.

Saint Vincent officials statement:
"We respectfully disagree with the EEOC's position and characterization of how the employee claims outlined in its lawsuit were handled by the hospital."