A warning to parents not to underestimate the importance of baby teeth.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

There's really no such thing as too young to get cavities:

(Hayes) "I see infants, I see babies, I see kids who are one and two with decay."

And pediatric dentist Mary Hayes says that can lead to long term problems:

(Hayes) "Baby teeth are the pattern for the permanent teeth."

So the goal is not only to keep baby teeth clean, but also intact, which means even babies sometimes get fillings.

(Hayes) "And those babies sometimes they have to have their teeth fixed in the hospital because they're too young to  understand what's happening."

Doctor Hayes also a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, says it's critical for parents to start prevention early. Brushing and flossing for them, minimizing extra sugars, and if there's a problem:

(Hayes) "Some kids who are going through a phase when there's more decay present, maybe they need to be on a different plan; maybe they need to brush their teeth more often, maybe they need some supplements."

She says talk to your child's dentist about how and when to fill cavities and changes to prevent further decay.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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