Good Credit Scores Boost a Relationship’s Chances

    If you want a healthy relationship, it’s best to also have a good credit score.

    FOX’s Ashley Papa has “FOX on Love”:

    Couples with high credit scores form and stay in committed relationships, this according to a recent Equifax Survey.

    Financial coach and author of “Let’s Talk About Money”, Janice Goldman, says before you and your sweetie agree to say “I do” you must have the “financial talk”:

    (Goldman) “You not only have to be romantically on the same page, but you actually need your financial values and goals to be on the same page. Because, think of it this way, you’re getting married and it’s your romantic partner and it’s your best friend, but he also becomes your business partner.”

    And if your mate has bad credit, it becomes your bad credit. A good way to get on the same financial page, according to Goldman, is to open a joint “fun” account:

    (Goldman) “Something that is fun for both of you. Like a trip away or something and then you each have to contribute so much.”

    Money issues is one of the top reasons couples split. So getting your finances in check before walking down the aisle just makes “cents”.

    With FOX on Love, I’m Ashley Papa.

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