As Fall arrives many parents are deciding whether to sign up their kids for sports. One former NFL player turned-doctor says don't overthink it, because kids need to get active.

FOX's Lisa Brady has this week's "FOX on Family":

If your kids want to play sports, should you let them? With the potential risks and time involved, it can feel like a big decision:

(Dr. Michels) "Children should absolutely play sports."

Former NFL player John Michels won a Super Bowl with the Packers... Now he's a doctor:

(Dr. Michels) "The lessons and values that playing a team sport offer are invaluable for children to learn teamwork, discipline, dedication."

And a way for kids to have fun while they're actually exercising:

(Dr. Michels) "What we really need to focus on as parents is counteracting the sedentary nature that our kids are suffering, due to being in school all day and then often times just coming home and sitting in front of a television, a video game or an iPad."

He's in favor of kids starting sports early, when there's less contact and less risk so they can build skills and get used to interacting, not because it gives them any greater chance at pro-sports.

And if an older child takes a sudden interest? Michels says talk to the coaches; teams are typically grouped by age and skill level.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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Michels was a first round draft pick for Green Bay in 1996 and played left tackle, helping them win the Super Bowl in his rookie season. He went to medical school after a knee injury cut his NFL career short and is double board certified in Diagnostic Radiology and Pain Medicine.