Samsung Issues Recall of One Million Galaxy Note 7’s

    The U.S. government has announced a recall of the exploding Samsung phones.

    FOX’s Jessica Rosenthal reports:

    (Kaye) “Today we are announcing the official recall of one million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.”

    Elliot Kaye is the chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. He says Samsung owners can opt for an exchange or a refund and find out if they qualify depending on their battery.

    Samsung phones have been overheating, even exploding in some cases. Samsung was blamed for causing even more confusion when they tried to quickly announce they would take back 2.5 million phones in their own semi recall effort.

    Kaye stressed that companies need to work with them before handling things on their own:

    (Kaye) “It’s a cleaner more efficient recall that is smoothed out and it also gives consumers the benefit of knowing somebody has independently checked that remedy so they don’t have to go through further hassles.”

    Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.

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