Blizzard Entertainment loses one of its stalwarts to retirement and a new game on the rise from the makers of DayZ.

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Blizzard losing a long time employee, Chris Metzen retiring from the company after 21 years, the Senior VP of Story and Franchise development worked on franchises Warcraft, Starcraft and more recently, their newest hit game 'Overwatch', even contributing his "voice" to robot combatant Bastion.

He says he's not planning to go to another company or start any personal gaming projects, instead, he's going to stay on the couch and "get fat, well fatter."


The creator of survival game DayZ where players are put into a 'Walking Dead' like world against zombies is teasing a new game....

Dean Hall speaking to Eurogamer, says it will be multiplayer, but has to be coy about details to avoid a repeat of his announcement of DayZ, which led to a similar rival developer releasing a similar game before his.

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