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| 20th Century FOX.”

Based on the popular book, this sneak peek gives a quick explainer on Miss Peregrine’s abilities… And why they are so important to others with special gifts. The movie swoops into theaters September 30th.

And speaking of peculiar happenings…

“Stranger Things 2 | Netflix.”

The break-out Netflix show dripping with 80’s nostalgia is set to return for a second season. This trailer shows a slew of upcoming episode titles, building anticipation and intrigue among fans eager for a possible return to the Upside Down. The binge watching begins in 2017.

And, this next clip is firing up some buzz…

“Even Lucifer Prays | Season 2 | Lucifer.”

The fallen angel returns with one mother of a problem…. Lucifer’s mother has escaped Hell, creating a heated situation in the City of Angels. The 2nd season premieres September 19th on FOX.

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