A legendary Rock n' Roller has a new business adventure.

FOX's Laura Ingle has the details:

The drummer of one of rock and roll's most legendary bands Aerosmith, not only rocks out behind a kit, but he also knows how to rock a bag of beans, coffee beans that is...

Drummer Joey Kramer's new stimulating adventure has him behind the wheel of the coffee company he founded, called what else?: 'Rockin' & Roastin'. Kramer says he came up with the idea while on the road when he couldn't find a decent cup of coffee and wanted to create something that "had a kick."

The company fired up in 2012 and was just chosen as the exclusive coffee supplier for the new Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land, Texas, which will open its doors next year.

Kramer says he's very hands on, not the kind of celebrity that just puts his name to something and collects the cash, which means he's drinking his brand while he continues to rock the bands latest tour which kicks off later this month.

I'm Laura Ingle and that's your Bonus Track.

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