Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. So, can you scratch Zika off your list of things to worry about?

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

Now that Florida's home to the first mosquito-borne cases of Zika in the U.S., should insect repellent be part of your kids' back to school routine?:

(Dr. Siegel) "I wouldn't worry about them catching Zika, I'd worry about them having the proper vaccinations."

FOX News Medical Contributor, Dr. Marc Siegel is all for repellent, but does not expect a large scale Zika outbreak, partly because that type of mosquito has been well-controlled in the U.S. for a long time and because it's September:

(Dr. Siegel) "It does follow a seasonal path. I think we're about at the worst."

He says the main concern is still the risk of birth defects and making sure pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant are not exposed and that's mainly in areas where they've had local infections.

School kids elsewhere are more likely to catch other things:

(Dr. Siegel) "So, I hope listening to us you're going to say let's worry about Lyme disease, let's worry about my kid washing his hands in school, let's worry about gastroenteritis and not worry so much about Zika."

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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