New Mexico's Governor Susanna Martinez said justice should come down like a hammer on those responsible.

FOX's Jane Metzler reports what happened to a little girl on her birthday has the entire country shocked and saddened:

On the day Victoria Martens expected to be celebrating her 10th birthday with a party after school, police found her dismembered body in a bathtub, under a burning blanket. The police report:

(Tishay) "It's one of the worse things I ever read in my entire life."

The crime scene so horrific. Officer Taylor Tishay asked for prayers for the traumatized first responders.

Victoria who had just started fourth grade, was injected with meth, then raped, allegedly by the live-in boyfriend her mother met online a month ago and his female cousin who just got out of prison for a sex crime.

Then the little girl was stabbed and strangled, while police say her mother watched and did nothing. Other moms, devastated by the brutal murder of:

(Woman) "Someone we know, someone who was on the playground with my daughter.

(Woman) "I cried all night, my husband cried too."

New Mexico's Governor calling the crime unspeakable.

Jane Metzler, FOX News.