Country music icon Tanya Tucker is back on the road.

FOX's Laura Ingle got the inside the scoop on her new tour in this "Bonus Track":

(Tucker) "Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on?"

Country music star Tanya Tucker is out on tour playing that legendary song which she is known for.

She recently spoke with me about her incredible life as a singer, which started when she was just eight-years-old after having an encouraging conversation with her father in the family's trailer home in Willcox, Arizona:

(Tucker) "So I gotta go back and buy that old 12x50 trailer, so many memories, it's just out on the field somewhere in Willcox."

(Ingle) "Why do you want to buy it?"

(Tucker) "Cause that's where my memories started."

And she visited the site having a little fun with the current resident:

(Tucker) "And he didn't know it was me at first, and he's telling us all about... This is Tanya Tucker's childhood home and all this stuff."

(Ingle) "Did you take off your glasses and start singing to him?"

(Tucker) "Yeah I said 'Hi, I'm Tanya Tucker' and he went, no you ain't!"

Her dream is to park it close to her current home where she can keep her memories close and who knows:

(Ingle) "I'm feeling a reality TV show with this, I'm feeling cameras."

(Tucker) "Let me tell you something, I got all of that on film by the way."

I'm Laura Ingle and that's your Bonus Track!

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