A Texas manufacturer of bat houses says he can't keep up with the demand as people try to attract bats to their property to eat possibly Zika carrying mosquitoes.

FOX's Tom Rigatti reports: 

It's not that he doesn't appreciate the business, but Reggie Regan, owner of Lone Star Woodcraft in Garden Ridge, Texas, says attracting bats to eat mosquitoes carrying Zika or West Nile virus really isn't the best way to go:

(Regan) "Well there's a very small amount of truth to that, really trying to protect yourself from Zika, West Nile, or mosquitoes, the best way is through the CDC recommendations and using bug spray, proper clothing, avoiding certain times of day or night."

Regan says however that bats can eat about 1,000 mosquitoes an hour. His smallest bat house has room for 100 bats.

Tom Rigatti, FOX News.