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"Arrival (2016) - TV Spot - Paramount Pictures."

Amy Adams is plucked by the military to serve as an alien translator in this upcoming sci-fi flick. The trailer shows Adams, along with a crew of others entering a strange craft, to meet with extra-terrestrials. The movie invades theaters November 11th.

Another trending trailer...

"Dunkirk - Announcement ."

This glimpse into the highly anticipated World War II action flick is generating a lot of buzz... With many online commenting on an extra who appears to smile amid an air raid. The movie is in theaters July 21st.

And, Marvel fans are clamoring over this next clip.

"Luke Cage | Official Trailer | Netflix."

The crime fighting ex-con with super powers takes on the gritty streets of New York City in this action-packed trailer. The series hits Netflix September 30th.

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