"He has oddly, strangely, surrounded himself with people like Paul Manafort who previously had been the political advisor to Viktor Yanukovych, the now deposed president of Ukraine who had been Putin's stooge in Ukraine and overthrown by the people. He has advisors who worked directly for the Russian government on propaganda in Moscow, who headed the Merrill Lynch office in Moscow. Gosh, there are a couple other ties too and of course his son in 2008, Eric, said they welcomed the oligarch, the Russian oligarch investment and so I am very, very uneasy about all those Russia ties because Vladimir Putin is brilliant, he is tough and he is anti-American."

--Ralph Peters on Donald Trump's advisors who have ties to the Russian government

Fox News Strategic Analyst Lt Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) spoke with Kilmeade & Friends fill in host Chris Stirewalt about the continuing geo political threat Russia poses to America, why he feels the next president will have to face a Russian provocation in the Baltics and why he is concerned with Donald Trump surrounding himself with advisors who have ties to the Russian government.

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