Florida is a safe state, words from Governor Rick Scott on the growing Zika threat in the Sunshine state. The Governor toured the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, and encouraged both residents of the Florida city and visitors to continue to enjoy the area, which he says is still open for business.

FOX's Eben Brown reports from Miami on the battle to contain the Zika virus:

Florida Governor Rick Scott spent his morning stopping into galleries and fashion shops, amidst the graffiti walls of Wynwood and he's a bit frustrated that congress hasn't acted to spend more money on Zika issues yet:

(Scott) "Yeah, I mean think about it? Who didn't know that we were having trouble with Zika in this country? I mean that's been going on since early this year."

As for the locals, they'd rather be known for their art and counter-culture. Zak Stern is known on the street as 'Zak the Baker':

(Stern) "The philosophy of any publicity being good publicity is being challenged right now. There's a lot of press, there's a lot newscasters in the neighborhood and meanwhile there are businesses here that are suffering from all of the hype."

And they insist the place is safe.

In Miami, Eben Brown, FOX News.

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