They keep throwing resources at it, but a fire near Big Sur, California keeps growing.

Fox’s Jessica Rosenthal reports:

The fire has now burned 57 structures, mostly homes, and after two weeks just keeps steadily growing.

The fire’s now up past 45,000 acres and is still threatening hundreds of homes. Several areas remain under evacuation:

(Scott) Cali Fire Law enforcement has spent over 150 hours really combing through debris, talking to individuals and were able to determine the cause of the Soberanes fire and that was an illegal unattended camp fire.

Soberanes Fire spokesman Erik Scott says they’ve required so many personnel to provide structure protection to all the communities, but also as the fire moves into the forest it’s been harder and harder to access due to steep rugged terrain.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News.

FOX’s Jessica Rosenthal on Twitter: @jessicafoxnews