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“LUCIFER | San Diego Comic-Con 2016 | FOX BROADCASTING.”

This sneak peek is heating up the web. The glimpse revealed at last weekend’s Comic-Con takes viewers back to where the show left off… the Fallen Angel down for the count after being fatally shot, but receiving a second chance from Dad and, just in time… to solve a devilishly big problem. The show fires up again starting Monday, September 19th on FOX.

Another trending clip…

“WONDER WOMAN Comic-Con Trailer.”

From being in control of her own destiny, to wielding a lasso of truth… Wonder Woman lives up to her heroine namesake in this action-packed trailer. The movie hits theaters June 2017.

And, monster-movie fans are going wild over this trailer…

“KONG : SKULL ISLAND Comic-Con Trailer.”

Forget snakes… Samuel L. Jackson along with John Goodman, Brie Larson and more face-off with a giant ape in this reboot of the King Kong franchise, that follows an expedition crew exploring an uncharted island, that happens to be home to the giant beast. The movie is in theaters March 2017.

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