What's the best way to keep a healthy relationship? You may want to steer away from politics.

FOX's Ashley Papa has this week's "FOX on Love":

You're voting for Hillary Clinton, but your love is voting for Donald Trump. When you and your partner are on different sides of the political aisle, it can cause relationship tension. Psychotherapist and author of "Your Best Age is Now", Dr. Robi Ludwig says it's important to keep heated political debates out of the bedroom: 

(Ludwig) "If you're talking about a topic that is highly polarized then you may just want to appreciate that the person has a different view and not get too into the specifics if you feel it is going to devolve into a horrendous fight."

You don't want a heated political discussion to ruin a relationship, so Ludwig says agree to disagree on certain issues:

(Ludwig) "You can certainly have a partner who has different political views, but what I would say if somebody wants a partner who is politically on the same page than that is something you need to look for at the onset of a relationship."

So keep the debates to the candidates.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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