An instantly rich winner has come forward to claim a Mega Millions jackpot, but quietly.

FOX's Dave Anthony reports:

(Littlefield) "We are incredibly humbled and overjoyed by our Mega Millions winnings."

But an Indiana family is also overwhelmed, so they'll remain anonymous. State law allows them to claim the jackpot through a limited liability corporation, which they did.

Representative Lauren Littlefield read a statement:

(Littlefield) "Our priority is to maintain a sense of normalcy for our children"

Those two kids are still in school. So the couple will keep working, despite taking home $271 million after taxes in one check:

(Taylor) "The largest single winner ticket of the Mega Millions jackpot."

Hoosier lottery executive director Sarah Taylor. The family bought a quick pick, then forgot about it and when they checked days later. They rebooted their computer to be sure the matching numbers were right.

Dave Anthony, FOX News.