What would the Who's in Whoville think about the 2016 race?

FOX's Lisa Brady explains: 

A late entry in the presidential race:

(Random House) "The Cat in the Hat is officially tossing his red and white stove pipe hat into the ring."

The formal announcement made outside the childhood home of Doctor Seuss in Springfield, Massachusetts.

(Random House) "With running mates who know a thing or two about fun."

Thing 1 and Thing 2... This campaign ad urging kids to vote for the cat's cause:

(Random House) "Is he all about reading or does he speak for the tree's? Shall he clean up the oceans or feed the children, please?"

A spokesman even telling a local newspaper the cat would be willing to release his tax returns. But there's a hidden agenda at work: The new Random House book: 'One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote':

(Random House) "I'm the Cat in the Hat and I approve this message."

Lisa Brady, FOX News.

(Dave Roback/The Republican via AP)
(Dave Roback/The Republican via AP)