The Republican National Convention has come to a close, but what was one of the most important messages delivered this week?

FOX's Rachel Sutherland gets that answer in "America's Talking":

Here at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, we're asking delegates and others, what do you think is the most important message the Republican Convention is delivering to America?:

(Man) "I think the most important message we're sending is that we've got the best candidate for the future of our children."

(Man) "We can put people back to work and we can keep you safe." 

(Man) "A message of unity, hope and prosperity." 

(Man) "Strengthening our military again."

(Man) "I think what this convention is showing America is that there is excitement, there is enthusiasm, there is joy that we have a real candidate."

If Donald Trump is elected President, what's the first thing you'd want him to do after being sworn in?:

(Man) "It's really simple, repeal Obamacare."

(Man) "I'd like to see him move past the campaign period and really try to bring all Americans together."

(Woman) "Build the wall."

(Man) "Rip up the Iran deal."

(Man) "Redirect our current troop deployments."

(Man) "Focus on the Veterans Administration."

America's talking to FOX News.