Some kids and parents are spending a lot of time Pokemon hunting this summer. And the popular new app might have some new uses when they head back to school.

FOX’s Lisa Brady reports:

‘Pokémon GO’ mania is inspiring teachers; some posting suggestions on how to use it in school:

(Farber) “I want my students to feel that they are in control of their learning. To do that, you have to bring in students passions and interests.”

New Jersey Social Studies teacher Matt Farber, author of ‘Gamify Your Classroom’ has been using games to teach for about four years:

(Farber) “Where the learning really comes in a game in a classroom, it’s the conversations about and around the game.”

So kids can be learning Geography, History and landmarks around the Pokestops, while also learning to dig for information:

(Farber) “And it’s all authentic. You’re not just looking at a map, a ruler, and what a kilometer is, you’re literally experiencing it.” 

But Farber often uses non-digital games:

(Farber) “Where kids are having to think together to work to a solution. That type of active learning and problem solving.”

He says those are skills kids should have in the 21st century.

With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

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