Hillary Clinton has selected her VP running mate.

FOX's Gurnal Scott has more on the person Clinton selected: 

Tim Kaine has worked his way up the political ladder in Virginia: City council to Mayor of Richmond to Lt. Governor to Governor and Senator. For that reason, Kaine has speculated on his worth to Hillary Clinton as a running mate:

(Clinton) "I think I can help her win and I think I can help her win most by helping her win Virginia and that's what I am doing already." 

One of Clinton's pre-requisites for a vice-presidential pick has always been foreign policy experience. Kaine fits that bill, with specific focus on the Middle East and Latin America. He has also worked extensively on climate change and another issue important to the nominee:

(Kaine) "In the first 100 days in office we're going to make the go at comprehensive immigration reform again because it's an issue of passion for her." 

Kaine is also seen as one who can lure in Republicans, not so enamored with Donald Trump as their party's nominee.

Gurnal Scott, FOX News.

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(Bob Breidenbach /Providence Journal via AP)
(Bob Breidenbach /Providence Journal via AP)

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