Bathroom battles continue as a transgendered student in Wisconsin files a federal lawsuit demanding to use the boy's restroom.

FOX's Tom Graham reports: 

16-year-old Ash Whitaker was born a female, but now identifies as male. The teen's lawyer says the Kenosha school district is violating his civil rights by barring him from the boys' room:

(Pledl) "This has been very stressful for him."

Attorney Rock Pledl is alleging discrimination:

(Pledl) "The degree to which the school administration has just continued to harass him over and over."

Earlier, Ash battled school officials in an effort to run for prom king. Opponents eventually relented. In response to the lawsuit, the Kenosha district, releasing a statement saying they work with transgendered student to address their unique needs.

Tom Graham, FOX News.