Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry and "Lone Survivor" Marcus Luttrell joined Brian Kilmeade today live from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Both Luttrell and Gov. Perry spoke at the RNC earlier this week and stopped by Kilmeade and Friends this morning to talk about the importance of national security in the wake of a series of tragic terror attacks both foreign and domestic. Regarding the evolution of ISIS, Luttrell said, "the enemy itself has metastasized into something completely different-- new leadership and the way they operate." He also spoke to the idea of "lone wolf" attackers, saying:

These 'lone wolves' people like the call them, you've got to look at them not like a lone wolf but an individual operator who's been convinced in their head, brainwashed whatever, that this is the way to go. And they will carry out their assaults systematically throughout.

Luttrell finished this thought by speaking to Americans, saying "If I had to say something to Americans, being afraid and having fear, it's okay to be fearful because that will make you strong, being afraid will shut you down."

Gov. Perry also talked about the theme of day 3, "Make America First Again" and the speech Newt Gingrich made in which he said the country must "change course to win the war" with radical Islamists. He said:

We've got an asymmetrical war on our hands. You've got to get rid of the political correctness that is corroding our military, and this comes from the civilian side. Get the military leaders in there that understand how to take the fight to these and Islamic terrorists, and eradicate them from the places in the world where they're impacting us.

Listen below: