Florida Governor Rick Scott stopped Kilmeade & Friends in Cleveland to discuss his speech last night at the Republican Convention, helping out the Trump campaign, what it will take for Trump to win Florida in November, Ted Cruz not endorsing Trump last night, the importance of a unified Republican Party, how Orlando has changed after the alligator attack in Disney and the terrorist attack at the Pulse Night Club.

Listen here:

Scott on what Trump needs to do to win Florida

(Kilmeade) What Does Donald Trump have to do to win Florida?

(SCOTT) He has to do what I did, he has to talk about jobs and destroying ISIS."

(Kilmeade) Did you address the Hispanic community specifically?

(SCOTT) I won the Hispanic community both times. Here is what they expect, they expect what you and I expect, they want jobs, they are just like you and me, they want the border secure, they want a visa program that works, they want people to comply with the law.

(Kilmeade) What do you say to the people who say my illegal brother-in-law and cousin need citizenship or a pathway when the Donald Trump way is deportation and a wall?

(SCOTT) My experience is they want the law just like we all do. They want jobs, they want enforcement of laws, they want a good education and they want to be safe. ISIS is a big deal to everybody in our state, especially after the Pulse attack in Orlando where we lost 49 of our fellow citizens.

Scott on Ted Cruz's speech last night and the importance of unifying the GOP

(Kilmeade) Your impressions of what you saw?

(SCOTT) I think it's time to unify the party. We have 2 people on the ballot, tis a choice, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is not going to be on the ballot.

(Kilmeade) Does he know that?

(SCOTT) I don't know.

(Kilmeade) You must be disappointed because you are trying to unify the party.

(SCOTT) I can tell you, my race in 2010, everybody had endorsed my opponent, they were so mad when I won the primary.

(Kilmeade) The republicans?

(SCOTT) Yeah, the republicans. The establishment republicans were all against me because there was a career politician in the race, that's who they backed and they were mad. People were visibly mad but I went around the state and I talked to people and I unified the party. That's what Donald's trying to do, there are a lot of us trying to do that, we all have to do that to win.