"Didn't help himself last night and didn't improve on his position this morning. Look, this was obvious, it ought to be admitted, this was a political calculation to try to help him in 2020 presidential nomination contest and it blew up on him as he should have known it would. They are not worried about 2020 that audience, they are worried about not letting Obama get a 3rd term.... That was a real mistake and maybe it shows us why one of his colleagues out of 53 in the United States Senate endorsed him."

---Barbour on Ted Cruz not endorsing Donald Trump last night

Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee & Former Mississippi Governor, Haley Barbour, joined Kilmeade & Friends in Cleveland to discuss the controversy of Senator Ted Cruz not endorsing Donald Trump last night during his speech, the importance for the GOP to be unified to defeat Hillary Clinton in November, why Pence is a good choice for VP and what Trump needs to say in his speech tonight.

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Barbour on what he would like Donald Trump to focus on in his speech tonight

(BARBOUR) This election is about 3/4 of the people of the United States thinking our country is going in the wrong direction and he has to make very plain that he is going to change that. He has to make very plain that Hillary Clinton is more of the same, except on steroids. Don't take my word for it, that's what Hillary Clinton says, that she will be Obama's 3rd term. But he has to go beyond that and give people something to vote for.

(Kilmeade) Which is? And do you do that by talking about business success?

(BARBOUR) You have to give people hope and I am not sure talking about yourself is the right way to give them hope. You have to talk enough about yourself so they understand you know what you are talking about and they can have confidence that you will do what you said but mostly he needs to talk about, here are the policies are have gotten us in trouble and have had terrible results and here are the policies that I am going to do that are different, that change the country, that change the outcome for prosperity, create new business, raise incomes but also protect us. People are scared about national security, terrorism but also crime.