The World Anti-Doping Agency is recommending that all Russian teams be banned from the Rio Olympics, after finding massive cheating and a government cover-up orchestrated in part by the FSB security agency.

FOX's Alastair Wanklyn looks at some of the findings:

In its report, the World Anti-Doping Agency alleges that Russia's FSB developed a way to extract contaminated urine from a laboratory under international observation and replace it with clean samples. That was during the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The report also alleges a Russian deputy sports minister was informed of every doping instanced since 2011. He would then decide if the sportsperson would be saved through a cover-up.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday appeared to dismiss the findings, saying they were based on only one person's testimony.

Russian officials have in the past alleged a Western effort to tarnish Russia's reputation, pointing out that doping is a problem in many countries.

Alastair Wanklyn, FOX News.