"I don't know why John is doing that, I think he is wrong, he owes it to the Republican Party, a lot of it looks like personal spite because John Kasich lost ...As the governor of the state, John could have come in and just made a formal type speech. He doesn't even have to endorse Donald Trump. But come in, welcome the party, this is the party that elected him to office, congress many times, elected him as governor. At the very least you owe them the respect to come in and welcome everybody."

---Congressman Peter King On Ohio Governor John Kasich's decision to skip the republican National Convention

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss why he feels it is spiteful on the part of Ohio Governor John Kasich deciding not to show up for this week's Republican National Convention, why Governor Pence is an excellent choice for Vice President, potential security concerns in Cleveland, the latest on the 3 cops who were murdered in Baton Rouge and why the police are unfairly maligned by certain groups in the country.

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