The investigation into the life of Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Eugene Long continues, as the city and local law enforcement try to band together after weeks of unrest.

FOX's Eben Brown reports from Baton Rouge:

A forensic investigation of the man now known as Gavin Long has been a bit difficult. It took detectives a while to confirm his identity, especially since hoaxters were claiming to be him on social media. Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson:

(Edmonson) "Someone was still actively on a Facebook page that they created to say he was still alive. Those are things we are dealing with."

Though police have been able to retrace the steps of the incident, noting long was in full tactical gear and was in lying in wait for a police officer to attack.

In Baton Rouge, Eben Brown, FOX News.

(FOX News Radio/Eben Brown)
(FOX News Radio/Eben Brown)

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