How one mom is helping her kids cope with what happened in Dallas.

FOX’s Lisa Brady reports:

When police officers were gunned down in Dallas, mother of three Maria Luce, who lives just north of the city, says it was like a bubble burst:

(Luce) “This is places that we take our kids to on a regular basis. This is our backyard, so this hits especially close to our hearts, our beloved Dallas.

In the aftermath, one of her kids wanted to make sure the doors were locked, another woke up the next morning asking if a killer was still on the loose:

(Luce) “What kids need: They need security and they need to know they are safe.”

Luce, who founded The Empowered Mom website, says while we can’t shield our kids entirely from violence, talking about it can help on an age appropriate basis:

(Luce) “Don’t offer information they don’t need, at the same time, don’t ignore information they already have.”

She’s also trying to help ease her kids anxiety by helping them feel empowered; showing them they can make a difference with a lemonade stand to help the Dallas PD.

With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

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