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“TABLE 19: Official HD Trailer.”

Anna Kendrick stars in this upcoming film, about an ex-maid of honor who, despite a break-up, still attends her friend’s wedding… only to be seated at that table.  But, the glimpse reveals friendships and some romance may be in bloom for the eclectic group at table 19. The movie hits theaters January 20th 2017.

And, this trending trailer has gamers gearing up…

“BioShock: The Collection Announcement Trailer.”

Remastered for current generation gaming consoles, the BioShock video game trilogy is being released as a bundle pack available September 13th. The upcoming collection will also include a host of bonus features, so fans of the popular sci-fi series can get their rapture on.

And, this ad is going viral…

“Reebok – Ronda Rousey – #PerfectNever.”

The UFC fighter takes a knock out stance in this Reebok spot, that features Rousey giving a voice over on the subject of perfection.

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