It's like a real life version of the Hollywood love story "The Notebook."

FOX's Tom Graham explains:

George and Ora Lee Rodriguez of San Antonio had just celebrated their wedding anniversary.

(Corina) Their anniversary was June 1st, so they had completed 58 years of marriage. 

Daughter, Corina Martinez, says they were both hospitalized earlier this month when her father's health took a turn for the worse and he passed away. Ora Lee soon followed as she lay in the bed next to her husband of nearly six decades.

(Corina) Which was three hours and 20 minutes later. 

Corina says her father had joked about he and his wife's passing before.

(Corina) He goes, I'm gonna go with you.  He would always tell her that. 

Family members say the couple died holding hands.

Tom Graham, FOX News