A case of breaking and entering in Colorado and vandalism, but there's no one police can charge.

FOX's Dave Anthony explains:

Annie Bruecker stared in disbelief when she walked up to her car Tuesday morning:

(Annie Brueker) There's a bear rummaging through my trunk.

Rummaging from the inside.

(Brueker) All my windows were closed, all the doors were closed. 

So how did he get in?

(Deputy Tillman) He had to of opened the door.  We didn't find any damage to the vehicle anywhere. 

On the outside, inside was a different story. The bear ripped through the Subaru's interior, chewing up the steering wheel until Jefferson County Colorado Sheriff's Deputy Josh Tillman opened the door and he ran out:

(Deputy Tillman) I just kind of made a little bit of a loud yell at him and he, it startled him and he took off in the other direction just like we wanted him to.  

Then Bruecker learned something as she got into her damaged car. 

(Bruecker) Bears don't smell good, they don't smell good.

Dave Anthony, FOX News