Britain's Prime Minister moving out of Ten Downing Street, but the Downing Street cat is staying put.

FOX's Simon Owen reports from London:

In his final appearance in Parliament as Prime Minister:

(Cameron) It gives me the opportunity to put a rumour to rest.

David Cameron declaring his love for Larry the Ten Downing Street cat:

(Cameron) And the rumour that somehow I don't love Larry, I do and I have photographic evidence to prove it.

Cameron later posting a photo on Twitter showing the pair together.

Larry's furry face is well-known and well-liked here in the UK. He even has a title, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

Cameron revealing that while his time in Downing Street is up, the cat is staying put.

(Cameron) Sadly, I can't take Larry with me, he belongs to the house and the staff love him very much, as do I 

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News.

FOX's Simon Owen on Twitter: @bigso