Starbucks workers will soon get an extra jolt to their paychecks.

FOX's Pat O'Neill has more:

Starbucks says that in October it's going to boost the pay of all workers and store managers by at least five percent.

In a letter to employees, CEO Howard Schultz says the raise amount will depend on geographic factors. Starbucks doesn't disclose details on starting salaries, saying they're determined on a market-by-market basis.

The company's also doubling its yearly stock program award for hourly workers with a least two years on the job, and starting next week, it will let workers choose from several health coverage options.

As with many employers, Starbucks is facing pressure to make workers' schedules more consistent. Schultz also saying in the letter the company will work with employees to help them get the amount of hours and schedules they need.

Pat O'neill, FOX News