Did you get your Mega Millions ticket for Friday? You may want to, the jackpot is approaching some big numbers.

FOX News Radio’s Rich Denison reports. 

Expect some long lines this week at Mega Millions Lottery retailers. No one matched all six numbers from Tuesday night’s $454 million Mega Millions drawing.

(Man) “I try and pick my lucky numbers sometimes, so my day of birth, mom’s date of birth and things like that.”

The jackpot now grows to at least 508 million for Friday night’s drawing. It’s been nearly four months since someone last hit the Mega Millions Jackpot, a record 34 drawings without a big winner.

(Woman) “Well I never buy any because I know the chances are ridiculous.”

The odds of picking the correct numbers on five white balls and one yellow ball in the Mega Millions game are one in 259 million.

Rich Denison, FOX News.