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They will not recommend criminal charges be pressed. Following an investigation into then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server to conduct government business, FBI Director James Comey announced that while it was careless to use servers that were not secure to handle sensitive information, there was no malicious intent, making it difficult for any reasonable prosecutor to bring forth charges.

Listen to FOX News Radio's coverage of FBI Director James Comey on the Hillary Clinton email scandal:

 (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

The FBI says Hillary Clinton should not be charged for her private email server she used as Secretary of State, but an investigation does find careless behavior.

FOX's Jared Halpern has more from Washington:

Hillary Clinton's private server did host 110 emails determined to contain classified information at the time they were sent and received, including several top secret markings.

Still, FBI Director James Comey says after concluding a painstaking investigation:

(Comey) "Although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case."

Comey does describe Clinton and her staff's handling of emails as extremely careless, adding the Secretary of State should know better.

The FBI did not find any direct evidence Clinton's server was hacked, but does believe commercial accounts Clinton emailed with could have been accessed by hostile actors.

In Washington, Jared Halpern, FOX News.

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(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump reacted to the news on Twitter: