Dreaming about that perfect family getaway? Keeping it real can help everyone have a good time even if everything doesn't go exactly right.

FOX's Lisa Brady has "FOX on Family":

You plan all year for that summer family vacation, so it's only natural to be focused on the destination:

(Schweikert) "In the most situations, we're so desperate to get to what we scheduled and paid for that we forget what's more important like slowing down and enjoying."

Mother of four and parenting expert Gigi Schweikert says vacation starts the minute you leave the house. So use a calendar to countdown the days, but try to keep your expectations realistic:

(Schweikert) "Just because we're on vacation, doesn't mean everyone's behavior changes. We're not all of a sudden the 'Leave it to Beaver' family where now our teenagers have put all of their electronics aside and want to have serious conversation with us."

Schweikert's advice: expect some chaos, mishaps and bickering:

(Schweikert) "It is not often in our year that all of us come together to spend time together 24/7."

Which is also why she says treasure the simple moments together, like eating ice cream for lunch and relishing the mess.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.

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