It is a day that most girls start planning out once they are old enough to talk, their wedding, but what should you look for when that day finally comes to get that dream wedding dress?

FOX's Ashley Papa has a special Wedding edition of "FOX on Love":

The lace, the train, the veil, no question a bride has got to love everything about her wedding dress. But there are some things brides tend to overlook when shopping for a gown.

Tracy DiNunzio, founder of Tradesy, a high-end consignment app, says brides should love the back of the dress, as well as the way it moves:

(DiNunzio) "Not all dresses look as great in motion, so look at the back move around a lot and make sure that you love the dress as much from all those angles as you do when you're sort of just standing and posing straight ahead in the mirror."

With accessories, DiNunzio says don't go too trendy, stick to the traditional: Something old, something new... You know the rest:

(DiNunzio) "I would advise with wedding accessories not go too trendy because you don't want to look back in a few years and hate that very flamboyant accessory."

Daring and sexy wedding dresses with lots of lace, transparency and high slits may be in, but DiNunzio says to keep it classy.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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